UNION LEADING is one of the credible importers of the best quality GYPSUM ROCKS and other raw ore from Africa. We have our own mines and factory in Middle East. We source the GYPSUM ROCKS directly from our mines which are geographically located near the port. The GYPSUM ROCKS are chemically tested to assure their quality, those materials are also available in various sizes in bulk.



  • Use to manufacture gypsum panel or building plasters
  • Use to manufacture cement
  • Use as fertilizer
  • Use by chemical factories


We produce high quality GYPSUM POWDER with finest and high whiteness qualities in our own GYPSUM FACTORY using our best GYPSUM ROCKS from our own mine. We utilize our own GYPSUM ROCKS through implementation of different procedures using our latest technology and equipments in conformity with international standard. With this, we are manufacturing the materials in two sizes: 100 and 200 mesh, respectively. All of our GYPSUM POWDER production sizes are uniform and 100% guaranteed. It is also properly packed using high quality material and available in plain or branded bags.


  • High strength
  • High whiteness
  • Low moisture absorption
  • No screening needed
  • Suitable setting time


  • Use to manufacture gypsum panel or building plasters
  • Use to make gypsum mold or statutes
  • As grout of marble, clay and ceiling tiles
  • As a color additive
  • Act as additive to other products


  • Facade Rendering Gypsum

Super Micronized Gypsum Powder

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