Polyacrylamide Potassium UL-KPAM for Drilling Fluid


UL-KPAM is a copolymer of polyacrylamide, arylic acid and cation agent. Since its molecular weight is about 3 million to 6 million,and the degree of hydrolysis is 30%, this sort of structure makes it have the best combination property of low filtration loss, adsorbability, and dissolubility.

Property index

Items Index
Appearance White to yellowish free-flowing powder
Moisture,% ≤10.0
Screenings,% ≤10.0
Purity ,% ≥80.0
Potassium content , % 11.0~16.0
Chloride content,% ≤1.0
Limiting Viscosity, 100ml/g ≥ 6.0
Hydrolyzing degree,% 27.0~35.0


1.Effectively coat cuttings, inhibit hydrous disintegration, and keep rule hole.
2.Grid structure of polymer can improve cutting carrying ability, which can keep hole clean.
3.Increase viscosity and improve rheological behavior.
4.Good compatibility, especially with sulfonated tannin and sulfonated lignite and sulfonated phenolic resin.
5.Simple application method on site;directly added or mixed with water.

Method of application

Routine dosage is 0.1~0.3%,which is up to the condition under well.


This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated place to avoid the sun and rain. Flush with lots of water if splashing it into eyes.


It is packed with plastic bag inside and compound bags outside, with net weight 25kg per bag.

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