Sulfonated Phenolic Resin UL-SMP II


Sulfonated Phenolic Resin UL-SMP II is a copolymer of formaldehyde, phenol and sulfomethylation agent under appropriate condition. It has the characteristics of good water solubility, high temperature resistance, strong effect of salinity resistance and lowering filtration loss. It is a highly effective mud treating agent.

Property index

Item Index
Appearance Free-flowing powder, 10% water solution: red
Dry basis content, % ≥90
Water insoluble matter, % ≤8
Cloud point (Cl), g/l ≥160
AV, mpa.s ≤50
HTHP FL, ml ≤35

Function Mechanism

UL-SMP II is a kind of anionic filtration loss control agent. Its molecule has many kinds of faculties of ions, which adsorb on the surface of particle and form the adsorbed hydrated layer, meanwhile improve electrokinetic potential, agglomerated mechanical resistance and electrostatic repulsion of clay particle, therefore, strengthening the coagulation stability of clay particle, maintaining and increasing fine soil grain content in the multi-level distributed mud, finally, facilitating fine and compact mud cake and lowering fluid loss.


1.It can improve mud cake quality and lower filtration loss.
2.Its fluid loss effect is scarcely influenced by high temperature.
3.Good water solubility and strong salinity-resistance.
4.No flocculation and no thickening.
5.Good compatibility, used in both dispersed and non-dispersed drilling fluids
6.Convenient to use and maintain, directly added or mixed with water.


1.Routine dosage is 1-3%
2.Light handle during transportation.
3.This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated place to avoid the sun and rain.


It is packed in kraft paper sacks, with net weight 25kg per sack.

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