Non-blooming E.P. Lubricant 626 UL-626


Non-blooming and E.P. Lubricant 626 is obtained after the following reactions: natural high molecular weight polymer draws strong elements in the polarity of the regiment, then water soluble E.P. additive agent, modified non-ionic surfactant are added. JRH626 has the characteristics of low fluorescence, good lubricity. It is a new and effective mud lubricant.

Property index

Items Index
Rise value of apparent viscosity ,mPa·s ≤10
FL variation ,mL ≤0
  Friction coefficient rate of reduction,% ≥65
  Friction coefficient rate of reduction after 16h heat rolling,% ≥50


2.Good lubricity, which can improve the drilling speed.
3.Low foaming rate.
4.Suitable for direction well, long-displacement horizontal well.
5.No poison, no pollution.
6.Routine dosage is 0.5-2.0%.


This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated place to avoid the sun


It is packed in plastic barrel of polyethylene or iron drum, with net weight 200kg per barrel.

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