Polyanionic Cellulose UL-PAC LV for Drilling Fluid


Polyanionic Cellulose UL-PAC LV is white cotton or powder solid that is nontoxic, odorless, and easily soluble in water. It has the features of excellent antibiotic property, salinity resistance, good fluid loss lowering effect, and small dosage. It is widely used in oil drilling, especially in salt water well and offshore oil drilling.

Property index

Items  index
Starch or starch derivatives no
Moisture ,% ≤10
AV,  mPa·S ≤40
FL,mL ≤16

Performance and Usage

1、It is applicable in many kinds of mud from fresh water  mud to saturated salt water mud.

2、It can improve mud cake quality,lower fluid loss.

3、It has good salinity and Ca2+ resistance.

4、It doesn’t increase viscosity; good compatibility with other additives.

5、Routine dosage is 0.2-1.0% and the actual dosage can be adjusted.


This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated place to avoid the sun and rain.


It is packed in kraft paper sacks, with net weight 25kg±0.5kg per sack.

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