Xanthan Gum UL-XCD for Drilling Fluid


Xanthan Gum UL-XCD for Drilling Fluid , white to yellowish powder, odorless, is a new kind of drilling fluid. It has the characteristics of being soluble in water, good thermal stability and salinity resistance, good rheology behaviour. It is a top-quality drilling fluid widely used in salt water well and offshore oil drilling.

Property index

Items Index
Appearance White to yellowish powder
Screening (0.9mm  mesh ),% ≤10.0
Solid content ,% ≥80.0
Saturated salt water solution A. V ,mpa.s ≥25.0
Saturated salt mud +sample AV ,mpa.s ≥20.0
  PV ,mpa.s ≥10.0
  YP,Pa ≥10.0
  API FL,ml/30min ≤15.0
Saturated salt mud AV ,mpa.s ≤10.0
  API FL,ml/30min 100±10
  PH 7.5±1.0


1、suitable in freshwater and saturated salt water mud

2、effectively improve viscosity , beneficial to cuttings suspension.

3、good ability of high temperature and salinity resistance.

4、protect oil reservoir。

5、good compatibility, simple application on site。


7、routine dosage is 0.2~1.0%, the specific amount is accordance with needs under well。


This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated place to avoid the sun and rain.


It is packed in kraft paper sacks, with net weight 25kg per sack.

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