Polyanionic Cellulose UL –PAC HV for Drilling Fluid


Polyanionic Cellulose UL-PAC HV is a white or yellowish powder. It has the features of environmental protection and being odorless. It is dissolved in water and has extremely excellent thermal stability, salt resistance and antibiotic property. It is widely used in oil drilling, especially in salt well and offshore oil drilling.

Property index

Items  index
Appearance White or yellowish powder
Moisture ,% ≤10
600r/min viscometer reading(distilled water) ≥40
600r/min viscometer reading(saturated salt solution) ≥40
FL,mL ≤10

Performance and Usage

1、It is applicable in and kind of mud from fresh water to saturated salt water.

2、UL-PAC(HV) has high mud making rate,accordingly, has obvious fluid loss lowering effect. It is especially suitable in low solid mud and solid free brine mud.

3、UL-PAC has powerful shale inhibition capacity and can keep borehole clean.

4、It is not only excellent drilling fluid and workover fluid but also fracturing fluid.

5、Routine dosage is 0.2-1.0%


This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated place to avoid the sun and rain.


It is packed in kraft paper sacks, with net weight 25kg±0.5kg per sack.

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