Filtrate loss Ammonium Salt for Drilling Fluid UL-RS I


UL-RS I is generated by the polymerization and hydrolysis of acrylonitrile. It has the characteristics of small dosage, strong inhibitive ability,salinity and high temperature resistance.

Property index

Fig. 1 drilling fluid property

Items Index
Fresh water base mud FL,m L 25±2.0
AV,m Pa·s 6~10
Fresh water base mud and double-poly ammonium salt FL,m L ≤ 18.0
AV,m Pa·s ≤ 15.0
Salt water base mud FL,m L 55±3.0
AV,m Pa·s 4~8
Salt water base mud and double-poly ammonium salt FL,m L ≤ 35.0
AV,m Pa·s ≤ 15.0


Fig.2 chemical and physical property

Items Index
Appearance Free-flowing powder and particle
 Loss after drying,% ≤ 15.0
 Ammonium content,% ≥5.0
Ignition residue,% ≤ 4.0


1.Strong inhibitive ability, good anti-caving effective, keep hole regular, reduce pipe sticking
2.Improve mud cake quality, reduce filtration loss.
3.Have little influence on rheology behaviour of drilling fluid
4.Strong salinity resistance,suitable in saturated salt water.
5.Good compatibility
6.No toxicity no pollution, meeting environmental requirements


Routine dosage is 0.2-2.0%
2.This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated place to avoid the sun and rain.


It is packed in kraft paper sacks, with net weight 25kg per sack.

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